Active Fire System
Active fire protection is a integral part of fire protection. AFP is characterised by items..
Electronic Security
If the idea that "prevention is better than cure" is a well-accepted benchmark.......
Passive Fire System
SPTL has partnered with Promat International Asia Pacific for Passive fire......


SPTL will expand its business profile horizontally to grow the profitability of the company vertically.
Therefore the theme "Success Through Diversification"

While SPTL will add more Products & Services to each of its Divisions portfolio, the company will ensure a carefully planned & well-controlled growth. SPTL will diversify only in its core expertise area.

SPTL’s Strategic Alliance Group lends Strategic Planning & Marketing Services to the various Operating Divisions of SPTL; and, Project Advisory Services to the various principal partners of SPTL.

Its mandate is to identify projects having synergy with SPTL’s divisional activities, evaluate the project’s potentials in full, assist in making the project a reality & culminate it into an extension of our pertinent operating division's activity, or as a separate venture/entity.

Besides identifying market opportunities and assisting in developing appropriate marketing strategies, this group
provides advice on local customs, laws & regulations, all of which are critical to the success of any venture.
Additionally, contact with key Governmental bodies & Ministries and other liaisoning services are also handled with
experience & efficiency.

Joint ventures will be structured either as direct Management participation only or through direct equity holdings.
With its team of Financial & Marketing Professionals, SPTL will lend its expertise to all aspects of a Project, playing
the role of a either a Developer, reliable Process Technology identifier and/or Project Manager.

desires to progress and grow by representing & partnering with specialists in areas that has synergy with SPTL’s core competencies. Whether as a Partner, Sponsor or as a Distributor, SPTL has the willingness & capability to help any company establish an effective and profitable presence in India.

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