Active Fire System
Active fire protection is a integral part of fire protection. AFP is characterised by items..
Electronic Security
If the idea that "prevention is better than cure" is a well-accepted benchmark.......
Passive Fire System
SPTL has partnered with Promat International Asia Pacific for Passive fire......

Human Life is precious and there can be no compromise in quality or standards, while offering Life Safety System Solutions.
Sobha continues to promote Life Safety Awareness throughout India, with all the passion that it is known for.

This passion has shaped the way, Team – SPTL approaches the subject, accessing risk, researching state-of-art
products from technology vendors around the world and designing comprehensive, customer specific solutions.

Sobha Projects and Trade Pvt. Ltd. is primarily promoted by the STC Group, which is a 31 year old, INR. 12 Billion
company headquartered in the State of Oman. The STC Group has autonomous operating divisions in the State of U.A.E.,
Qatar and also in India. The SPTL team has several man-years of experience in successfully delivering products, solutions
and projects. Since its inception, Sobha's reputation is built on rock solid values, benchmark quality standards,
uncompromising business ethos, focused customer centric approach, robust engineering, in-house Research and development
and transparency in all spheres of conducting business.

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