Fire Hydrant systems

The Fire Hydrant is defined and derived from the word "Hydro" for water since
it is a water based system. The concept of cooling the temperature or the heat
in the Fire for suppression for which is also an age old practice is utilized in Fire

Hydrant System

The Fire Hydrant System is the most effective, efficient and ultimate means of extinguishing very large fires which can prove to be devastating. The main advantage of Fighting Fires with Fire Hydrant System is its accessibility and penetration  capability since fires can be fought from a very large distance and to a very large reachability. Many a time the water from the Hydrants through appropriate nozzle may also be used as shield (Water shield) in protecting the Fire Fighter against Fire and Smoke when evacuating persons in a room engulfed by fire. In other cases when it is required to fight oil fires etc. Special branch pipes attached to the hydrants are used to deliver foam which can create a blanket on the fire resulting in cutting off oxygen supply to the fire.

The pumping facility forms the heart of the fire Hydrant System. The pumps
are basically uses water as extinguisher. In certain types of fires, special branch
pipes are used to deliver Foam.


A raging fire without a proper extinguishing system can be devastating. Hence there is an emphasis on a fire Hydrant system.


In Fire Hydrant System the Water in large quantum is pumped continuously with tremendous force and velocity so as s to reach the seat of fire. Hydrant valves are located at strategic points by virtue of which no place in the premises go unprotected. These work as outlets of water through the Fire Hose.
Generally the water is stored in underground sumps, Ground level Water Tanks
or Over Head reservoirs. The capacity of theses tanks can be derived based on the nature of hazard I.e., whether it is a residential apartment or a commercial building and also depending on the exact height and floor areas, these capacity
is determined


The piping network usually runs underground and finally emerges out of Ground at various points of utility. The network
of piping carries water from the point it is pumped into, till the Hydrant and is designed to cater to the pressure within the pipes.
It also runs along the height of the building parallel to the staircase having hydrant point at each staircase.

Hydrant Points are located at required span between each other, at strategic points so as to be able to combat the fire from
all sides. Near each Hydrant point, a hose box is provided with set of fire hoses & Branch pipe with nozzle to direct the water
to the base of Fire. Hydrants and its components are designed keeping in mind that no time is wasted from the time the fire
is detected and the fire fighting commences.

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