Sprinkler system

The Sprinkler system is usually needed at unmanned places such as Basement, Car Parks, Shops & Highly inflammable material storage areas etc. However, provision of sprinklers at manned places as well, provide additional safety.


The Sprinkler System is mainly provided with Sprinkler Heads fixed at the ceiling and/or on the walls encompassing the area to be protected, with the help of piping. This piping, like the Automatic Hydrant System, is pressurised with water through the pumps.


At the Outset of the fire, heat reaches the Sprinkler head, & increases the temperature of the liquid inside the bulb of the Sprinkler. On sensing the increased temperature, the liquid expands and breaks the bulb, thereby spraying water continuously on the Fi8re and eventually extinguishing it.


The drop in pressure activates the pumps which in turn keeps the water flowing to the pipe line continuously under pressure.


The Sprinklers are generally quartzoid bulb type stationary sprinklers having a 1/2'' BSP make threaded end connection, connecting to the piping. The coverage generally will be designed for approx. 6-7 sq. mtrs. The bulb is a glass bulb filled with a liquid which virtually blocks water from flowing and upon contact with the heat of the Fire, the liquid expands shattering the bulb before creating a passage for water to flow out.

The water flowing through the void created by the breaking of the bulb is made to deflect in the form of a spray with the help of the deflector plane provided at the tip of the Sprinkler Head.

The spray pattern will be in the shape of an umbrella & the coverage shall be circular. The used sprinkler will be replaced by a spare sprinkler.
The water for the Sprinkler system is stored generally in a separate compartment in a underground/ above ground reservoir. An independent piping is drawn for this compartment which has a adequate capacity of water to extinguish the fire for a definite period depending
upon the hazard i.e Residential apartment / Commercial apartment /etc.


A network of piping is designed and laid from delivering of the pumps to the utility area generally runs underground/Above ground with necessary fastening and Isolation valves.


The Sprinkler system is provided with a Installation Control valve which comes along with a water Motor Gong. Once  the Sprinkler at a particular location is activated due to fire, water flows from the inlet of the ICV into the outlet and also into the water motor going which virtually acts as a water turbine thereby initiating  an alarm to attract attention of security personnel in the vicinity of the premises.

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