We provide suppression system for server / data center rooms. The different types
of gas suppression systems are CO2, FM 200, NAF III, Argonite and Inert Gas.

Argonite is an inert gas that extinguishes fire based on the principle of oxygen depletion. It is an environmentally clean agent that is safe for use in a wide range of sensitive applications where people are present. Argonite produces no post fire residue so there is no damage to protected equipment and nothing to clean up.


The FM-200 gaseous system is an environmentally clean agent that is readily suited to the protection of high value assets. It is safe for electrically charged equipment, colourless, odourless, efficient, and leaves no residue, minimising the downtime after a fire.

Carbon Dioxide

The Carbon Dioxide system is an environmentally clean agent with a low cost and is the preferred choice for a range of critical facilities. It is fast, efficient, adaptable to range of hazards and is non damaging to property.

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