IP Cameras & Video Network Surveillance System:

A CCTV surveillance network, with IP connectivity & Remote monitoring capability


Fiber Optic connectivity is preferred for Video transmission, where distance between cameras and control equipment is over
500mtrs, or in situations, where high EM interference is distorting Video signals, while transmission through cable. Since Video
signal losses occur in lengthy cables due to cable resistance, Optical fiber is an ideal choice to deliver high quality video images
across huge distances.

Wireless transmission is another mode of Video & control signal transmission across cameras & control equipment.
This solution is chosen, when cabling or optic fiber solutions are not practical. Also when Cameras are located on high towers,
across a huge area, wireless transmission would be an ideal & cost effective choice.

Central Monitoring Stations (CMS)
are areas, where all camera images are monitored by security personnel who are trained to
detect suspicious occurrences or threats. Security Personnel are also trained to take immediate and decisive action to contain the
situation, before major loss of life & property occurs. This station can be locally situated on premises or remotely situated. Images to remote sites are fed through dedicated PSTN lines or through the internet. Central monitoring stations are also equipped with facilities for recording & maintaining Video data that might be required for later reviewing or reference.

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