Fire Safety Auditing

Failure of the Facility/ Building to comply with the latest NBC regulations and exposing the residents/team members at serious risk from fire is in itself a serious crime.

Sobha Projects & Trade Pvt. Ltd
  can assist building owners occupiers, employers insurance companies by conducting a thorough survey of your building and identifying:-

  • Deficiencies in the active & passive fire protection features for the building
  • Deficiencies in the management procedures for the building
  • Deficiencies in the emergency procedures for the building

Our Audits would incorporate the following.

  • Undertake adequate risk assessment of all fire hazards.
  • Carry Audits to ensure that the workplace is equipped with appropriate fire fighting equipment, fire detectors, and alarms and that any non-automatic fire fighting equipment is easily accessible and easy to use.
  • Keep emergency routes clear and comply with specific criteria relating to routes and doors.
  • Take measures for fire fighting. Nominate and train employees to implement those measures and arrange contacts with outside emergency services.
  • Audit Safety Signs and Signals indicated. Compliance with latest NBC Regulations
  • Maintain a suitable system of checks and for fire precautions in relation to the workplace and all equipment is kept in good working order.
  • We audit the means of escape in case of fire
  • Check Emergency lighting
  • Check Fire separation
  • Check Fire signage
  • Check Disabled access & means of escape provisions
  • Check Flammable storage facilities
  • Check Fire records
  • Check Fire training 

    The audit will include a comprehensive report incorporating the observations, recommendations required to ensure
    that the building complies fully with current fire safety.

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