Concrete Upgrading

Many older buildings are constructed with concrete slabs and walls which have an inherently low fire resistance. When upgrading these buildings, it is often necessary to increase the fire resistance of the structural elements to bring the building into line with present building regulatory requirements. This upgrading can be a costly and time consuming part of the renovation contract. Fortunately, Promat systems can provide speedy, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing upgrades to fit most budgets.

Why concrete upgradation

The fire resistance of a reinforced concrete structure depends to a large extent upon

1.The overall thickness of the section(in order to keep heat transfer through the member within acceptable limits)

2. The average concrete cover to the reinforcement(in order to keep the temperature of the reinforcement below critical values)

  The tendency of concrete to spall or breakup in the event of a fire can lead to the loss of insulating cover for the steel members
and hence reduction in the overall strength

a)Density of concrete
it not only affects the strength but also its insulation properties and susceptibility to spalling when exposed to fire

b) Concrete moisture content
Depending on the concrete type it will spall when exposed to fire if its moisture content is greater than 2-3%

c) Concrete thickness and cover to reinforcing bars
The overall slab thickness will contribute to the strength and insulation of the structure but the concrete cover to the lowest reinforcing bars is also critical,the concrete slab may need upgrading if inadequate cover has been provided.we can provide different systems to prevent the heat transfer to the concrete slab and hence protecting it form spalling and also providing fire resistance as required from 2 hrs to 4 hrs.

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