IBS(SI) is a flexible fire protection foam strip used for sealing joints and gaps within walls or floors. It has excellent versatility, second only to sealant especially dealing with fire stopping for joints, gaps, building and services movement etc. IBS can be used as a stand alone product or with a cover of AN Acrylic Sealant where required. Areas of application to be considered include cable and pipe penetrations, deflection heads of partitions and walls and joints within walls, arround fire dampers, floor joints, cable trays, control joints etc.

Shape type Code Dimension Length
  SI 16 16mm 150 metres
  SI 22 22mm 100 metres
Tube SI 29 29mm 60 metres
  SI 38 38mm 3000 metres
  SI 5020 50mm X 20mm 50 metres
Rectangular SI 5010 50mm X 10mm 500 metres
  SI 100 X 10 50mm X 10mm 500 metres

Switchbox intumescent :

Separating walls form a fire barrier between compartments. However, recessed switchboxes often need to be installed in fire resistant dry wall or masonry structures. The recessed installations thus jeopardise the fire barrier function of the compartment wall .

Standard switch boxes compromise the fire resistance of walls. When incorporated with the Switchbox intunescent(SX) provides a fire resistant performance to mantain the integrity of the compartment wall in which they are installed. Switchbox intumescent is supplied as pads in modules of 70mm x 70mm x 8mm thick. Other dimensions are available on request.

During a fire , the switchbox plate will disintegrate causing fire to enter the dry wall cavity, resulting in premature failure. The fire resistant intumescent pad expands when this happens, creating an effective seal against ingress of fire and heat,thus preserving the fire resistant performance of the dry wall construction.

Electrical junction seal :

The spread of fire from one compartment to another via services that penetrate compartment walls and floors is a major concern for life safety and property protection . The penetration of such waals and floors by steel cable trunking is common and by their very nature(being enclosed systems) can easilybe forgotten and left unsealed on the inside. Cables inside such trunking can have a high fire load because of the PVC used for electrical insulation. Should a fire occur, they can provide the ideal passageway for fire to travel through buildings, especially if the cable trunking is unsealed at compartment floors or walls.

Electrical junction Seal (SJ) is a system that will prevent this spread of fire for up to 120 minutes where steel trunking passes through compartment floors and walls of the same or greater fire resistance.

FyreStrip :

FyreStrip (SE) is a compressible, flexible, fire resistant seal which is used where movement joints are formed in the structure of building. It consists of layers of intumescent material bonded to a special foam and has been successfully fire tested up to 240 minutes in joints within masonry or concrete walls and concrete floors in accordance with the relevant criteria.

The strips are ideal for sealing movement joints at junctions between compartment walls and floors. Their flexibility makes them suitable for use in a variety of configurations.

FlexiWrap :

It is common that some services such as copper pipes for air conditioning units are wrapped externally with a layer of insulation in order to improve the thermal efficiency of the units. The insulation in general is made of a combustible material and as such, when penetrating fire resistance elements such as walls and floors, it could present a risk of fire and smoke breaching the integrity of the system.

Manufactured by using STPL Technology FlexiWrap (SFW) is designed to provide fire resistance where combustible insulation is used as a thermal lagging around metal pipes.

  UC Unicollar

UC Unicollar is one of a new generation of fire collars designed to protect uPVC, HDPE,PP and other plastic pipes which pass through fire rated elements of building construction. The product has been tested and approved to the relevant criteria.

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